Roico Stables

Roico Stables

Horse riding tours are organized over a few days to give you the opportunity to get to know and love Monferrato, our traditions and our historic villages.


Equestrian rehabilitation

The emotional, relational and preparatory motion support derived from the relationship with the horse is valid support for any ongoing treatment, medical or otherwise.

Riding school

Our stables benefits from the expertise of a professional who specializes in Hippotherapy and Equestrian Rehabilitation from the Chair of Child Neuropsychiatry at the University of Florence.


Roico stables offers its recently built facilities for horse boarding, including for short stays. Personalized solutions are provided based on the needs of the horse and its owner. Self-managed, full- and part-board options are available.

Claudia Rabezzana prepares the horse riding activities. She is a Piemonte Lega Attività Equestri (Piedmont league of equestrian activities) UISP (Italian union of sport for all) regional and national adviser, OSVUISP (UISP voluntary sport operator) instructor, equestrian tour guide for the Piedmont region, and UISP-certified operator for recreational sports activities for people with disabilities and autism.

Horses have always provoked a strange kind of fascination in human beings, one of magical attraction. In a society like our own, where competition and appearances are a priority, the fundamental principles of this animal are often forgotten.

Respect for the animal and the ability to communicate with it, using its own language, form the basis of an approach built on reciprocal trust and respect.

In order to achieve this result, human beings must understand and use the horse’s language. They must open their heart and enter into the specific way of life of animals that live in herds to increase their chances of survival; of animals that are the prey, not the predator, with hierarchies that are established from time to time.

It is an incredibly fascinating and captivating way of life, which enables you to truly get to know yourself, to develop your sensitivity, to come face to face with a living being so profoundly different to yourself, and to establish a relationship of loyal, reciprocal friendship that continues to grow.

Human beings have the ability to reason, and to make decisions based on circumstances and on the desired objective. In this case, it is no longer a question of the survival instinct, but rather of intellect and will.
Our minds are able to influence our lives, and even the physical reactions of our bodies, as is the case for psychosomatic disorders, for example. We are therefore able to understand how to be strong and determined.
In any sport, as in daily life, in work and in school, the correct use of our willpower can lead us to achieve unexpected results.
I like to call this power the “power of intention.” It is jumping over the obstacle by picturing yourself and the horse on the other side, with the inner confidence to know that this is what will happen.
It is very difficult to explain in just a few lines, but with the right work, each one of us can learn how to channel and develop this power in every aspect of our lives, especially where relationships are concerned.

This is a question of experience that is gained by approaching the horse in the correct, responsible manner, and the ability to handle the animal in both daily life and an emergency. But it is also possessing knowledge of the specific techniques for the discipline that you have chosen. All of this allows you to embrace your passion by reducing the risks while having fun.
It is obvious that choosing a discipline and perfecting your specific technique can only take place if a solid base—such as the relationship with the horse on the ground—already exists, if we are in harmony with the animal and the three gaits, and if we already know which sport we want to take up. This should not be dictated by fashion; it should be a choice based on what the horse communicates to us, makes us experience, makes us dream.
My aim is to provide you with all the fundamental principles to allow you to make an informed decision about which discipline to take up with your new friend, so you can unlock that part of yourself made up of the undiscovered skills, emotions and dreams hidden inside every one of us.

"An informed choice cannot be made if there is no conscious understanding prior to it."

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